Breathing happens autonomously since our birth, but we can also intentionally influence it. It is a continuous tool for regulating our emotions, nervous system and mental states.

Breathing Alphabet is a respiratory graphic signs system. Individual characters are an attempt to systematically present the different variants of human breath. Sound structures, frequency, amplitudes and rhythm are inner workings, and their source is the breathing, feeling and thinking body. Time is determined by the rate of breathing.

Breathing Alphabet is an authorial project of Dobrawa Borkała who has been developing it since 2015. It is based on several years of analysis as well as embodiment of traditional techniques from different cultural circles, among others; Tibetan Yantra Yoga and Tsa Lung, Hindu Pranayam, Taoist Breathing, Buteyko method, Anapanasati meditation, holotropic breath etc. The creative process is still ongoing. This graphic system provides a standardized way to describe and communicate breathwork exercises.

The breathing notation can be used for a personal breathing practice as well as a method of artistic expression. From the letters of the alphabet, one can write down breathing techniques, especially those suggesting breath regulation, and as well create compositions on the model of music scores.